The Most Serious and Sloppy Things

Those who know me know a few, irrefutable things about me. I think that pickles are important. I measure picky eaters with the concerned eye of a teacher whose student says they hate reading. I am passionate about the skin on chocolate pudding. I'm not prone to long bouts of serious conversation. And I take green chile very, very seriously.


La Preparación

As my Sidekick and I begin to consider our upcoming honeymoon in the Basque country, I've careened deeper and deeper down into the rabbit hole of my obsession with all things Spanish and edible.

Getaria. I want to go to there.

This morning, while I adoringly perused this week's editions of Ruth Reichl's gift guide, I discovered a veritable mail-order wonderland: La Tienda. Holy mother, where have you been all my life?


I'm Afraid I'm Starting to Like Matt Lauer

In the clip below, Matt Lauer helps tackle very important tandem issues of commercial food marketing strategies and, er... package size. Important question: Is Matt the next Brian Williams?

Thanks to Eatocracy for making me chuckle at work. Like usual.