How to Pretend Gourmet Still Exists

If, like for me, losing Gourmet magazine really stung you in all the meanest places, I'm here to help.

And so is this fantastic broad.


Leekfest 2010

Oh, you guys. Don't get sick. Just don't. It screws everything up. Including writing about insane cooking projects you endeavor upon with your friends.

Leekfest 2010 was one of those endeavors. It began innocently enough, when my friend mentioned she was confounded by leeks.


Camemberry White

Oh my god, you guys. I can't stop laughing. Someone, please, give me something to bite down on so I don't swallow my tongue. I can't breathe.


Seriously, just go visit Cheese People. You won't regret it. I can only hope there will be more than four pages-worth soon.

Pimento Cheeseburger

Some things that I love:

1. My Sidekick

2. Pimento cheese

3. Hamburgers


Conversations with My Husband About Dinner: The "DUDE, there's still three weeks till Thanksgiving" Edition

12:24 PM me: I'm thinking about Thanksgiving.
 Sean: HA!
 me: I know.
 Sean: Ok.
12:26 PM What are you thinking about Thanksgiving?
  I mean, it's not shocking that you are.
 me: So, Ashleigh and Mo and her mom will be here.
12:28 PM I know that our place is not totally conducive to entertaining a ton of people, but I thought maybe a small group of us would be pretty cozy. Do we have any other orphans?
 Sean: Not sure.
12:29 PM me: Is that crazy?
  I was thinking really low-key, sit on the floor casual.
 Sean: And yeah, when people are over when we're cooking, it gets a little nuts.
  After we've cooked, it's fine. But before and during...
  Too small.
 me: Right, we'd have to have a lot of it done beforehand.
  Which is good for Thanksgiving anyway.
12:30 PM 
  Here's (obvy) the impetus for this line of thinking at all:
12:31 PM I'm going to start experimenting with making my own green bean casserole from scratch.
  So, just prepare yourself to eat a lot of leftover mushroom soup and failed fried crispy onions.
12:36 PM Sean: HA HA HA!
  I think sitting on the floor and eating is good.
12:40 PM me: And, I was also thinking of maybe saying fuck you to roasting a whole turkey and doing braised legs and maybe roasting a goose or something instead.
12:42 PM Sean: Hell yes!!!
  Turkey sucks!
  It's my least fave part of it all, to be totally honest.
 me: I love turkey, but I ALWAYS want dark meat.
12:43 PM Sean: Fair.
 me: Which is why I was thinking of legs only.
 Sean: Perf.
 me: One for each person, like cavemen!
12:45 PM Sean: HA!
12:46 PM Yes!
  Brussels sprouts.
  Mashers with red chile.
  Or green.
  The bean thing.
  And people can bring the rest.
 me: That's what I'm thinking. Stuffing will be involved.
 Sean: And I'll be drinking whiskey all day.
 Sean: Ah, yes.
12:47 PM The leek bread pudding? (Dear reader - in a forthcoming entry: LEEKFEST 2010)
 me: Red chile mash is all I want to eat.
 Sean: HA!
 me: OOOOH.
  Maybe a little less eggy, but YES.