Oh, Hey June.

I promise that I did not stop eating. Or talking about it. Or taking pictures of the things I ultimately eat. Here's proof.

Remind me that we need to have a long conversation about shrimp rolls.

Here is what is happening: we're moving! Not very far, still in Brooklyn, but it requires that we pack up all our - you know - shit. And then take it somewhere else. To cook more. And take more pictures. And stuff our faces and those of the ones we love. July is going to be filled with posts. Promise. For now, please give me ideas of things I can make for dinner that don't require heat.

Also, the McSwayze family made the Huffington Post food page! Check us out here


In Case You Are Melting

I joked with my sidekick last night (I wasn't joking) that we've reached the the part of the year where all I want to drink is Mexican beer. The only beer I will fruit - just shove a lime in a Pacifico and send me on my way. I have to admit, when I said that, I'd momentarily forgotten about this bad boy. Allow me to introduce you to the Pucker Up.

If those straws do not make you swoon, you may want to check your pulse.