More Weekend! More Breakfast!

Guys, I've gone breakfast crazy lately. Have you noticed? Of course you have. I have too. I'm not really sure what's to blame. Maybe it's the fact that my Sidekick and I see getting up just a little earlier on weekends as a very adult decision. (Please, don't panic. By early I mean maybe 10 instead of 11.) Maybe it's the fact that living in Brooklyn gives me regular access to some of the best eggs I've ever tasted. Maybe it's because I'm almost incapable of cooking for anything less than an army and leftovers are really good with eggs on top.


What Are You Eating for Breakfast This Weekend?

I have a love/hate relationship with pancakes. I love them for certain things: the occasional, buttery crunch they get on the outside when they've been cooked just right, the puffy air pockets that soak up syrup and the fact that they are one of the few foods you can eat in shapes. I hate them because they are almost always too sweet, too heavy and they are, let's be honest for a minute, very rarely in shapes. Not to mention the fact that I am usually full after three bites and hungry again in thirty minutes. It is for all these reasons that a Dutch Baby is one of the best things to happen to my breakfast life in some time.


Two Hams in the Air, If You Don't Really Care

via No One Man Should Have All That Flour

Sometimes universes collide and something really, really special happens. Sometimes, when I say really, really special, I mean a hilarious and colossal waste of time that I can NOT stop laughing about.

There's a new tumblr in the mix called No One Man Should Have All That Flour: Kanye West Lyrics Rewritten to be About Food. So hilarious. So useless. So nerdy. I hope there are more soon.

A highlight:

"Omelets Omelets
 Bacon and hot grits
 Everybody know I fuckin love bananas foster"

Happy interwebs (and regular) grazing, everyone!


And Then Sometimes, You Need to Eat Like a Caveman

I feel like every year someone tells me that the Farmer's Almanac says this will be the coldest winter on record in one hundred years. Every. Year. This year, the temperature (fingers crossed) has not been too offensive here in NYC. But - I have to inquire - is anyone else afraid that we're on the precipice of the next ice age? I mean, THE SNOW. Georgia, can you hear me?