Robin Hood... for food nerds.

The reasons that Eric Ripert is my largest food-nerd crush are varied and abundant. The first is his mushroom broth recipe, which I will interpret for you now: 1lb of mushrooms, bunch of water, cook for eternity until it turns a rich golden color and smells like Earth and happiness. The second, his symbiotic, unlikely friendship with Anthony Bourdain. I've just discovered another one.

On 'Avec Eric' (which I just discovered thanks to Eater), Ripert has instituted a kind of pan-internet monthly dinner party focusing on the freshest and the simplest. I have already decided to participate, without even viewing the November menu (which will be published on the site on 10/27). Who's in?

Blurry, badly lit food photos will ensue, I'm sure (Mitch will back me up on this).

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  1. Oh, I think your pix will be just fine (snicker, snicker).

    Now as to that crushy-y thing with Tony B., hmmmmmmm.