Pouring One Out for Gourmet

Sad news in stomach grumbles today, as Condé Nast announced that Gourmet, in addition to three other of the brand's magazines, will be discontinued. This ends 68 years of beautiful photography, elegant recipes and a love for all things tasty that requires me to keep my windowsill stacked with back issues. What comes next for Ruth and the other remarkable staff? Let's hope more books. Cooking and otherwise.

While it's still live, check out this excellent slideshow of all things food and web on the Gourmet site: http://www.gourmet.com/food/2009/08/food-online-a-to-z#slide=1. There are some serious gems in here.

I think we should all pour a little out for our homies tonight, whatever special vintage you have on hand - in my case, PBR.


  1. Tragic! Gourmet was one of my favorite things about working for Conde Nast. Every time I would pass the test kitchen on my way to the library, that table stood there calling my name.. all the food that made it into each issue, and those that didn't went on the test kitchen table standing in the hall, ready for me to taste and see!