More Weekend! More Breakfast!

Guys, I've gone breakfast crazy lately. Have you noticed? Of course you have. I have too. I'm not really sure what's to blame. Maybe it's the fact that my Sidekick and I see getting up just a little earlier on weekends as a very adult decision. (Please, don't panic. By early I mean maybe 10 instead of 11.) Maybe it's the fact that living in Brooklyn gives me regular access to some of the best eggs I've ever tasted. Maybe it's because I'm almost incapable of cooking for anything less than an army and leftovers are really good with eggs on top.

Because sometimes you have leftover creamed greens from an aforementioned caveman feast that need to be mixed with some roasted red peppers, then mounded up with a poached egg wrapped in speck on top. Sometimes that happens, you guys.

But, if we're being honest, there are few things that can beat what I consider to be the most superior breakfast food that exists (aside from hashbrowns, which, I don't really want to talk about until someone in NY can make them correctly). The equation is simple: thick slices of challah + a generous layer of cream cheese + thinly sliced cucumbers + sea salt = sigh, perfection. 

Like so many things that I love to eat, this is an amazing platform upon which to build. Obviously, this is a riff on the classic bagel, shmear, lox combo. So all of those things go well. Sometimes I'll toss on a few capers or thinly slice some red onion. It's pretty hard to mess this up.

I recommend having a challah and cream cheese in the house this weekend, just in case you overindulge and wake up wanting something delicious with minimal effort. Now, who wants to go overindulge with me?


  1. Challah at the store today. Noted.

  2. If you're thinking that the "sine qua non" of hash browns is to be found at the Frontier, then we have some talking to do.

    Also, it's nice to see your husband become so easily trained.

  3. Frontier Hashbrowns rule! Must have them western style...with extra ranchero sauce.

  4. Where do you get your eggs?

  5. I agree with everything Rebecca says (please unchain me from the radiator).

  6. Anonymous - I like my eggs from chickens.

  7. @Anonymous, don't mind the grouch! My Sidekick and I are super lucky and live within very short walking distance of two great farmer's markets. During the warm months, we get our eggs from Fishkill Farms (http://www.fishkillfarms.com) in Upstate NY.

    During the frigid months we're currently in, there's a year-round indoor market across the street called The Foodshed that sells Knoll Krest Farm eggs from the Hudson valley.

    We're spoiled. Really spoiled rotten.