Conversations With Joe About Cheese

Joe:  what does it say about me if i don't really have a favorite cheese
me:  Is it because you love all cheeses equally or because you don't really care about cheese?
Joe:  i guess i feel about cheese the way i feel about music
like i like having it in my life
and i would be upset if it were banned from the earth
but i don't really possess the knowledge or strong feeling to distinguish different types very passionately, except into the two groups of "i like" and "i don't like"
me:  Although I can't relate to that feeling at all, I can appreciate how someone might feel that way.
Joe:  hahah
like i'm currently listening to a spotify playlist by sacha frere-jones of the best songs of 2013
and i think it's really good!
i like it!
and i'm sure i would love a beautiful curated cheese plate at artisanal
or murray's
but i'm sort of incapable of deciding the good ones/my favorite ones myself
me:  Ha ha ha ha. I doubt that you are incapable, it's maybe that you are curating too many other things in your brain for there to be room for cheese and the best music of 2013.
Joe:  haha yeah i spend the vast majority of my brain power thinking about my favorite tv shows, board games, craft beers, chinese restaurants & taco joints
me:  Yeah, see, that's a lot.
Joe:  just sent you an email that may make you lol
(*Note: What Joe sent was an iPhone note that he regularly updates, concerning the TV shows he's watched, finished, abandoned, loved and should watch, in great and very characteristic detail.)
It is no wonder there is no room for cheese in there.
Joe:  hahahah
Joe:  i guess the cheese that i've bought the most of -- by no means a perfect measure, but still -- is parmigiano-regiano
me:  It is one of the most essential cheeses, but I could never call it my favorite because it doesn't really melt.
Joe:  truthbomb
me:  But see, thoughts like that are why I can't really subtract in my head and don't have room to think about fashion or network tv shows.
Joe:  hahahaha
together, though,
we make a great compendium of cultural preferences
me:  Crack team.

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