Conversations with My Husband About Dinner: The 10:32am Edition

10:32 AM me: Okay. I have a confession.
I'm already thinking about dinner.
Sean: HA!
What of it?
10:33 AM me: How do you feel about this (http://www.thewednesdaychef.com/the_wednesday_chef/2010/07/toast-and-a-summer-break.html) with an egg on top and ditalini mac and cheese? It should be clear this means we don't have to buy anything.
10:34 AM Although it also requires turning the oven on, so maybe I'm turning on it.
Sean: Ha ha ha ha!
Nothing to buy?
Not even an avocado?
Or more cheese?
me: We have a half in the fridge, which I feel like might be enough if we're also putting a fried egg on top.
10:35 AM Maybe we need more cheese. You might be right.
Sean: Yeah.
And 12 limes.
me: Oh, I see.
Sean: And I'll be getting a bottle of white rum.
And I will make Falernum.

And, scene.

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