Conversations with My Husband About Dinner: Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Edition

3:33 PMme: I actually have a bunch of work to do. Whatever, it will make this already crazy fast day even faster. Then it's you, a chicken and our cast iron skillet.
3:34 PM Sean: Indeed.
  Do you need anything else from the store, or is it just the chicken?
  We have broccoli and some tomatoes.
3:35 PM me: Nope, just chicken. I may have already formulated a plan for other things.
 Sean: Awesome!
 me: i.e., cheddar garlic grits and butter-braised cabbage and broccoli.
 Sean: Cause I want more snickerdoodle ice cream, which I might just cash in on.
 me: Yeah.
 Sean: WHOA_OA_OA.
 me: Ha ha ha.
 Sean: Fuck me and call me Sally.
3:36 PM me: Now you're just hamming it up for the blog.

The end.

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