"Dude, People Like Pictures" - Sidekick

At his urging, some food porn for you.

Dear pepperoncini ranch, I love you. xoxo: Rebecca
First, long-overdue run-down on our Brooklynmoon trip to Roberta's. Guys, I've been kind of a bitch about Bushwick. The above chicken nuggets (dark meat only, thank you) with pepperoncini ranch have really changed my tone.

There was also guanciale and egg pizza. Look, I'll eat guanciale on anything. It's face bacon. What on earth could be bad about that? Also, their tomato sauce is bright, sweet and tastes like... well, tomatoes, which isn't always the case. But here's what's really special, that egg yolk? The beautiful yellow one with the charred crispy top? Was STILL RUNNY on the inside. I don't know how this was accomplished, but I want to eat it again.

Am I laughing or crying? I don't know. Maybe both?
Oh, and there was fried chicken. That's right, our appetizer and main course were both fried chicken. Guys, it was BROOKLYNMOON. It's just how we roll. In summation, don't be a jerk, go to Roberta's. With an empty stomach.

Another thing that happened? We got the Staub individual cocottes I'd been lusting after as a wedding present. I promptly made my first souffles. These souffles, to be exact. While they're kind of cheating, as there are grits in them, which makes them a little less fragile than your average souffle, I still consider this a smashing success and will brag about it for months.

Loco for Locro de Papas. Sorry.
I've also continued to work on what is quickly becoming one of my favorite soups: Locro de Papas. First attempted using Gourmet's recipe (R.I.P.) while also taking some advice from the amazing Molly of Orangette, this last batch was creamy, smooth, spicy and sort of like wrapping yourself up in a blanket made of potato stew. Without the burns.

There will be more versions to come, you can be sure of that. I will get mine the color of Gourmet's if it's the last thing I ever do. This is a perfect soup for busting out your fall sweaters. Whether they're made of potatoes or not.


  1. I think the egg is accomplished by the pizza baking in about a 900F oven for like 90 seconds.