Conversations with My Husband About Dinner: The "DUDE, there's still three weeks till Thanksgiving" Edition

12:24 PM me: I'm thinking about Thanksgiving.
 Sean: HA!
 me: I know.
 Sean: Ok.
12:26 PM What are you thinking about Thanksgiving?
  I mean, it's not shocking that you are.
 me: So, Ashleigh and Mo and her mom will be here.
12:28 PM I know that our place is not totally conducive to entertaining a ton of people, but I thought maybe a small group of us would be pretty cozy. Do we have any other orphans?
 Sean: Not sure.
12:29 PM me: Is that crazy?
  I was thinking really low-key, sit on the floor casual.
 Sean: And yeah, when people are over when we're cooking, it gets a little nuts.
  After we've cooked, it's fine. But before and during...
  Too small.
 me: Right, we'd have to have a lot of it done beforehand.
  Which is good for Thanksgiving anyway.
12:30 PM 
  Here's (obvy) the impetus for this line of thinking at all:
12:31 PM I'm going to start experimenting with making my own green bean casserole from scratch.
  So, just prepare yourself to eat a lot of leftover mushroom soup and failed fried crispy onions.
12:36 PM Sean: HA HA HA!
  I think sitting on the floor and eating is good.
12:40 PM me: And, I was also thinking of maybe saying fuck you to roasting a whole turkey and doing braised legs and maybe roasting a goose or something instead.
12:42 PM Sean: Hell yes!!!
  Turkey sucks!
  It's my least fave part of it all, to be totally honest.
 me: I love turkey, but I ALWAYS want dark meat.
12:43 PM Sean: Fair.
 me: Which is why I was thinking of legs only.
 Sean: Perf.
 me: One for each person, like cavemen!
12:45 PM Sean: HA!
12:46 PM Yes!
  Brussels sprouts.
  Mashers with red chile.
  Or green.
  The bean thing.
  And people can bring the rest.
 me: That's what I'm thinking. Stuffing will be involved.
 Sean: And I'll be drinking whiskey all day.
 Sean: Ah, yes.
12:47 PM The leek bread pudding? (Dear reader - in a forthcoming entry: LEEKFEST 2010)
 me: Red chile mash is all I want to eat.
 Sean: HA!
 me: OOOOH.
  Maybe a little less eggy, but YES.


  1. Hahaha! I experimented with a green bean casserole for 3 weeks leading up to Thanksgiving last year. Ended up going with 1/2 buttons, 1/4 morels, 1/8 baby bellas, and 1/8 shitake (for the the texture). Plus, the button, baby bella and shitake stems along with the reconstituting liquid for the morels, (if you don't have frozen fresh) makes a killer shroom stock! Good luck

  2. OMG .. are you guys always this elaborate when planning for food ? I already feel full reading this !!

    and .. one more vote for eating on the floor :)

  3. Omg! We made roast duck with fennel gravy and root veggies and I made green bean casserole. Jinx!