Are We All Tired of Toast Points Yet?

I'll admit, I am. I'm a little tired of toast. This toast in particular combines a lot of things I love: olives, melty cheese, broilers. But, I was a little less than moved by it, to be honest. Is it perhaps too reminiscent of the cream cheese and olive sandwiches an enthusiastic grandmother tried to get me to eat in my youth? Yes, perhaps. Were they also served alongside the aforementioned bacon and cheese revelations? Yes. Sadly for Olive and Cheese Canapes I, they were.

No hard feelings, guys. Thanks for coming to the party.

You were infinitely helpful in soaking up the cocktails my husband poured down our throats all night. And, you can bet, that someday in the future when an unexpected guest arrives, all I'll have on hand will be cocktail olives, a few heels of bread, a wedge of cheese and some cream cheese quietly meditating in the back of the fridge. When that day comes, Olive and Cheese Canapes I, it will be your time to shine.

Cheese and Olive Canapes I (Hot)
Prepare finger-shaped pieces of dark bread and toast them. Spread each one with cream cheese and sprinkle with chopped olives and very coarsely grated yellow cheese, preferably Edam, although Young America* may be used. Place on a baking sheet and set in the oven until the cheese melts and all is well-heated. 

* I used a young Gouda. Also, what the eff is Young America cheese?

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