For Those About to Ham Ball, We Salute You.

I'm relatively certain that there are things this blog conveys to you about me.

I'm about eating.
I'm about drinking.
I'm about talking about those things, often during actually doing them.
If you come to my house, I will feed you snacks.
One other thing I'd like to specifically convey: sometimes those snacks will be weird.

Let's talk about Ham Balls.

Among you, there are a few I can trust to roll with the punches. If say, I'd like to make you eat tomato jelly, I know there are a few of you who will be up for it. If say, we decide to meet once monthly to eat nachos and appreciate jazz, I know that you're willing to trust me to take you down a road less-traveled. Dearest Nacho and Jazz Appreciation Club, you seemed like the ones to feed Ham Balls to.

There is a sandwich my Sidekick recently discovered at the shit-hole we love, pictured above. Larry's P.X. is a Cape Cod dive that is a must-stop for us anytime we're out there. The sandwich in question: chopped ham and pickle. My Sidekick, rather bravely, ordered this once without really knowing what to expect. Well, I mean, I guess we should have known - it's ham and pickles ground up together and bound with mayo. The result is, somewhat unexpectedly, greater than the sum of its parts. Everyone: I didn't know this was going to happen, but the Ham Balls were the bite-sized, on-a-stick version of our new favorite sandwich.

They look ridiculous. I will give you that. Disconcertingly pink, studded with capers, like some unholy elementary school art project that you are supposed to eat. I mean, I think I'll get an "amen" from all involved when I say we polished off the whole plate. Weird on, weirdos!

Ham Balls
Take equal amounts of chopped, cold boiled ham and sifted, hard-cooked egg yolks and work into a stiff paste with a little mayonnaise dressing. Season highly with salt and pepper and form into balls an inch in diameter. Stud these balls with a few capers, which have been well drained and insert serving picks. 

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