The Business of Giving Asparagus the Business

Don’t tell me you’re tired of asparagus already. If you’re anything like me, you gobble up these harbingers of spring with extreme prejudice. They’ve been sauce gribiched, sliced into ribbons, pureed into soup — we really gave asparagus the business this season.

Asparagus for snacks, dominoes for fun.

However, due to my Sidekick and my excitement over spring produce, we still had some kicking around in the crisper. It makes me sad and guilty to see lovely, tender veggies shrivel up in the fridge, so I turned to my favorite method of prolonging their lives: pickling.

I'll confess to having gone on a bit of a pickling rampage these last few weeks. Currently in the brine, we've got these lovely asparagus, as well as a few late-season ramps and a batch of rice vinegar pickled kale. I know. It's an experiment. I'll report back. Happy pickling!

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