A Return to Deviling that Shit

Sometimes life changes in really big ways. For us, this time, it's been a really great change, but change messes with blogging consistency regardless of how exciting it is. Which is where I've been.

Pickles in the Middle "Optional"

But I, like you, feel backyard barbecue season coming on regardless of life's curve-balls, so I'm here to bring us all back down to earth with some deviled egg talk.

Deviled eggs are classic repeat offenders at summer parties. They are easy to make, the ingredients for them are regularly on hand for most people. They generally tend to please a crowd. But they can get boring, right? Mustard and vinegar can only take us so far.

Just by tossing a bit of soft butter and some fresh herbs into these, they feel a little more special, a little brighter and a little more deserving of our affections. They also include one of my favorite ingredients, and sudden darling of food nerds everywhere, celery leaves.

See you in the backyard!

Savory Eggs
Cut three hard-boiled eggs in halves lengthwise; remove yolks and force through a sieve. Blend with three tablespoons of creamed butter and one and one-half tablespoons of Savory Herbs cut fine, using fresh thyme, rosemary, chives, parsley and celery leaves. Fill the whites and spread of the top of each a thin layer of mayonnaise.* Decorate the surface with sections of black olives.

* Yeah. I didn't do this. Let me tell you why: it looks fucking gross.

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