How to Pretend Gourmet Still Exists

If, like for me, losing Gourmet magazine really stung you in all the meanest places, I'm here to help.

And so is this fantastic broad.

You guys do know about ruthreichl.com, right? I hope so. But if not, I'm so happy to tell you to go there. Now, sadly, we don't get Romulo Yanes' incredible photography with every story (actually, does anyone know what he's up to now?), BUT we do get a lot of Ruth's hilarious, elegant, sumptuous prose to help get us over the hump.

Fine, here's one Romulo Yanes for old time's sake.

Ruth has contributed a lot of great writing on her blog, not the least of which is her newest feature, The Gift Guide. Ruth made the promise that, starting November 28th, she'd dole out tasty secrets of things all your eating friends want. One until Christmas. Because she loves us and wants us to be happy.

Her first suggestion: Mangalitsa pork.

via Marx Foods

Vegetarians, apologies, but for god's sake, that looks like a pastry. A pastry that I want to eat. To quote Ruth, "Trust me: if you send this to a friend, he will love you forever." Okay, sold!

Day number two of the gift guide suggests artisanal soy sauce.

via Corti Brothers

Look, this is something I would never even think to want. But now I do. And that is why I love reading Ruth's blog. Because she knows a lot more than me. And then suggests I learn about it in the most kind-hearted, supportive, non-judgmental way.

So... if anyone is wondering, these are the things I want for Hannukah.