From the Vault: Ben's Chili Bowl

Walking into Ben's, even on a night crowded with tourists, a line wrapping around the counter and winding its way through the restaurant, you get a warm feeling like walking into a family friend's house. The hip hop bumps, bass rumbling throughout the conversation and laughter that flows from customers to cooks. In an era in a city where kindness is a premium, Ben's is overflowing.

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The cooks dance behind the line, taking pictures of college kids at the counter who know, just like we all do, that we are in a truly special place.

During the riots after MLK's assassination, Ben's was declared the only safe-house on U Street. Although no physical riots rage outside, Ben's remains a safe-house from all that ails us in the world. A place to smile, lube up your arteries and feel truly, epically comfortable.

Amazingly, they don't really tout their incredible history. The impact they've had on the community and the world is only displayed by the photos of other Ben's disciples, famous and not, on the walls. Ben's was the site of Barack Obama's first meal as President of the United States. But, they recount with glee on a computer print-out behind the counter, "He paid."

I will probably come here any time I'm in DC for the rest of my natural life, and I haven't even tasted the chili yet.

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  1. next time we're in d.c., we'll make a date with you and the big guy.