Something I Really Like About Winter

I have really great news for everyone. Ruth's making another list.

via Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks

For those of you who don't remember, last December Ruth Reichl put together a holiday list of the best things to buy for your food-obsessed friends and family. I followed it mildly religiously. It resulted in my Sidekick and I acquiring a bottle of French plum brandy that is very hard to find and tastes like wrapping yourself up in a blanket made of drunk angel's wings.

This year's list begins with Benton Hams. Day two was devoted to vintage cookbooks (giving special mention to the amazing Bonnie Slotnick, whose shop is a wonderland for nerds - my Sidekick let me loose in there as an anniversary present because he is so romantic). If days three and four were devoted to whiskey and pickles, I just wouldn't be surprised.

The especially great thing about Ruth's list is that it complies with a goal my Sidekick and I have created for our holiday shopping: it will all be direct from the seller. Either via Etsy, vintage stores, flea markets, we're keeping our money away from the middle man and away from big box stores. If you're hoping to do the same, follow along. Ruth is sure to have some gems for you.

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  1. craving momofuku's benton's ham plate with the redeye kewpie mayo right now.