And Then Sometimes, You Really Need a Sandwich

As everyone around me knows, I get really hard to deal with in March. It's cold when it should be warm, winter when it should be spring and we have more potatoes and parsnips when we should have ramps and asparagus. I get antsy, what can I say? So, sometimes, when you're eating lunch at your desk because somehow you are the person someone agreed should be in charge of budget data entry every two weeks (believe me, I don't know why either) something as simple and lovely as the cross-section of your Lenny's sandwich can really brighten your day.

Sigh. Right? What you're looking at is what I call the 'Marc Orchant Special'. This is the sandwich that my dad made me and put in my lunchbox well over 100,000 times. This is the sandwich I eat when I get stressed out. This sandwich, is a sandwich that gets eaten a lot in late winter and early spring.

The Marc Orchant Special
smoked turkey
muenster cheese
alfalfa sprouts
white bread

Spread a thin layer of mayo on both sides of the bread. Layer ingredients, wrap in wax paper and keep very, very cold until you eat it. Feel like you are in third grade again and someone is taking very good care of you.

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  1. I dont think I had ever had muenster before you Orchant.