Bacon, Tomato, Butter

There is something so charming about the name of this canape: Bacon and Tomato Canapes II. It sort of indicates that, yes, there is another bacon and tomato canape in this book that includes mayonnaise and eggs and olives. But BTCII gets straight to the heart of what you most desire. Bacon, tomato and butter. And on this particular evening, we were fortunate enough to have Mangalitsa bacon. 

I feel like I've said this before about delicious things, but this stuff should maybe actually be a controlled substance. It, unlike even the best bacon I've ever purchased from a grocery store, will never disappear into a greasy, crackly little crumb. Mangalitsa bacon is half fat, funky as hell and takes no prisoners. This bacon has but one purpose in life - and that purpose is to remind you that it is MEAT.

I know I've gone on and on about my particular connection to grilled cheese, but this canape in particular takes me back to a specific instance. I was always a grilled cheese purist in my youth. Bread, butter, cheese, heat. That's all. Then one day, somehow, my brave and stubborn mother convinced me to just TRY a bite of her grilled cheese - with bacon and tomato. A bite of the Bacon and Tomato Canape II, although it is technically cheese-less, slammed this memory into my brain at maximum velocity. I'd just like to say, because I know she will read this, thanks. That really was a game-changer, lady.

Bacon and Tomato Canapes II
Cut two rounds of bread for each canape, removing a small circle of bread from every other slice. saute the bread and spread the bottom rounds with horseradish butter (recipe follows); lay on this a thin slice of tomato of the same circumference. Place the upper slice and fill the space with chopped grilled bacon.

Horseradish Butter
Cream six tablespoons of butter, add three to four tablespoons of grated, fresh horseradish root and season with salt and lemon juice.

I will admit to cheating ever so slightly on this canape. I'm trying my best to stick strictly to the recipes as they're written, since that's - well - the fucking point. This one, however, called for a second butter-soaked bread slice to be placed on top and I just couldn't run the risk of overpowering this magical, beastly pork confetti I'd laid on top.


  1. bacon, tomato, spreadable fat, bread. sandwiches can't really get any more perfect than that.

  2. Good call on skipping the second bread. It was perfect!

  3. I dream of this with August's tomato bounty. Mmm.

  4. And the uncultured heathen dared to ask, "What, pray tell, is the definition of a canape?"

  5. Ha! Marie, you are hardly a heathen. A canape (pronounced can-a-pay) is really just any hors d'oeuvre that is on a little piece of toasted or fried bread. So, basically, 75% of this book.