Ugly Duckling

Suddenly, all I can talk about on Friday is what you should make for breakfast over the weekend. Today, I realized that I don't really have anything breakfast oriented to talk about. Or do I?

Here's the question: does the idea of making raw bacon and cheese force-meat repulse you? I mean, by all accounts it should. It sounds and looks pretty gross. But there is just no way you can get the bacon to get so cheesy, or the cheese to get so bacony without doing so. I used my food processor for this because, as I noted to my Sidekick, who was already making me a third cocktail, "She keeps calling for a meat grinder because food processors didn't exist." Don't get me wrong. I have a meat grinder. But drunk food processor use somehow seemed safer.

Anyway, here is what I'm getting at: make this for breakfast this weekend. Throw an egg next to it if you feel like it. It looks disgusting in the process, but when you pull it, bubbling and sizzling from the hot oven, it tastes like absolute magic.

Bacon and Cheese Canapes (Hot)
The ingredients are plain dairy cheese, not too mild*, bacon, green pepper and bread.

Force the cheese through the meat chopper together with one-fourth its amount of uncooked bacon and sufficient green pepper for seasoning. Blend evenly and add salt if necessary; the amount will depend upon the saltiness of the bacon and cheese used. Slice bread about one-third inch thick and remove crusts**. Spread the mixture rather thickly on the slices of bread, then cut in finger-shaped lengths, place on baking sheet and cook in a very hot oven until well browned and the bread is crisp. These are easy to make and can be made ready except for the baking quite some time before serving.

* I used sharp cheddar. 
** I was already three cocktails into this cocktail party when I made this recipe, so I left the crusts on. You may or may not run into the same issue when you make this for breakfast.

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