The Flavor is Unusual

I always say I could never be a vegetarian. But honestly? If there were enough mushrooms, cheese and Shanghai mock duck involved, I probably could be. When my Sidekick and I first started dating, I asked him - as every one of his predecessors had been asked - if there were any foods he didn't like to eat. And I mean, let's be honest, this is a trick question. This question only gets asked so that I can force you to try your worst gustatory enemies in a way that will make you forgive them. My Sidekick's answer: beets, mushrooms, Jello. Since that day, he has declared beets to be one of his favorite foods, never balks at a mushroom and still despises Jello. We're getting there.

And so, as nervous as I've been about some of the stranger, less familiar recipes in this book, I instantly gravitated toward Mushroom Fingers. Sometimes I am extremely predictable. What really drew me into this recipe, beyond my love for the combination of mushrooms, butter, cream, mustard and bread, was the recipe itself. The wording and the tone is so indicative of urging someone to try something for the first time, but still wanting to prepare them for the fact that it will be somewhat unfamiliar.

I love everything about Mushroom Fingers; the name, the recipe, the fingers themselves. In some ways, this is a part of the book that connects the past to the present, as my dinner guests were no less surprised by this fare than me setting out a ramekin of pickles. And, best of all, this is one of those dishes that will convince mushroom-haters they're not so bad after all, if a bit unusual.

Mushroom Fingers (Hot)
Spread finger-shaped pieces of toast with small mushrooms which have been thinly sliced, sauteed in butter and combined with a little thick cream blended with prepared mustard. The flavor is unusual.


  1. Trying again. I'll bet Sidekick would like jello - if it had booze in it.

  2. Ha! Even then he'd be iffy. Although, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming entry in which he actually *kind of* likes something Jello-oriented.

  3. Everything about Jello is gross so I actually respect Sean more now.

    (Don't get me wrong, I'll totally eat Jello, but everything about it is gross.)

  4. So basically he's not eating a big hunk of head cheese?

  5. YES. My next goal, to earn the respect of a second person.