Oh, and Cream Cheese

There is something about the color combination of pink and green that has always owned my heart. My first ever bikini was pink and green. I have always loved cutting into a watermelon. My birthday cakes almost invariably had pink flowers with pale green leaves. In these late days of winter and early spring, I can often be found in hot pink rain boots and a ridiculously over-sized green scarf. It's an illness. And it's not going away any time soon. This is all to say that the recipe for Stuffed Radishes I really appealed to me.

This book has taught me to relish the moments that include vegetables. Oh, and cream cheese. Soon, we'll get to Stuffed Radishes II, which are also stuffed with cream cheese. We take goat cheese so for granted in these vulgar, modern times.

These radishes, served icy cold from the fridge are bright, crisp and a welcome palate cleanser in a sea of fried bread.

Stuffed Radishes I
Select good-sized radishes of a round shape, rather than long, scrub well and leave a green leaf at the base. Cut a slice from the top and, using a small French knife, remove the center. Fill the space with cream cheese highly seasoned with chopped chives, salt and white pepper.

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